A podcast that takes on the world of pretentiousness and snobbery…

Hans Christian Andersen’s great children’s story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” features a proud, arrogant and foolish king who is conned into “seeing” beautiful garments that do not exist. Once a conman convinces him only the best and the brightest can see these fineries, the king adorns himself in nothing and parades nude in public. It takes an innocent child to state the obvious and point out the Naked Emperor.

Our podcast is like that innocent child, only with frequent inappropriate language. We look for those topics that snobs use to wrap themselves in faux intelligence and sophistication – anything that folks dare not criticize lest they face ridicule and dismissal foe not seeing the “beautiful garments.”

Each week, Sean Farren and John Scott Lewinski take on new topics and welcome occasional special guests to unveil that week’s Naked Emperor. We hope you’ll point and laugh with us…

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